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Firefly e-ventures Ltd.
  • 10/21/2013
  • Pages : 27

Netscribes' latest company profile of ‘Firefly e-Ventures Ltd.' provides insights into the company's business and performance, with special focus on its education portal, HT Campus. The report contains basic facts about the company such as contact details, year of incorporation and its brief history, among others. An analysis of the company's different lines of business and its geographic reach has been included. Information on the company's management and Board of Directors has also been provid

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Coaching Class Market in India 2012
  • 04/13/2012
  • Pages : 71

Indian education sector is considered to be recession proof primarily due to the willingness among consumers to spend on this sector. Across the board, from the upper classes to the bottom most stratum of the social hierarchy, expenditure on education accounts for a sizable portion of family incomes. Coaching classes segment, though unorganized and unregulated, boasts of high profit margins. Due to the changing economic scenario, need for extra and supplemental education is urgently felt by both

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Vocational Training Market in India 2012
  • 04/06/2012
  • Pages : 70

Vocational training market in India was valued at INR 90 bn in 2011 and is slated to grow at a CAGR of 23%. Government has set a target of preparing 500 mn skilled workers by 2022, as around 75-80 mn jobs will be created over the next 5 years and 75% of them will require vocational training. The market is poised for strong growth over the next few years owing to favourable government support. The report begins with an introduction to the education market in India and its various sub-segments. I

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Preschool Market in India 2012
  • 04/02/2012
  • Pages : 63

Indian preschool market is poised to grow at a tremendous pace as the market is under-penetrated. Higher disposable income among the middle class in India and the importance they attach to education will lead to further development of the pre-school market. The report begins with an introduction to the Indian education market. Data suggests that the focus in India has been on primary education. It also provides the market size and growth of the Indian education sector. In the market overview se

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E-Learning Market in India 2012
  • 02/20/2012
  • Pages : 63

E-learning market in India was valued at INR 18.41 tr in 2010-11 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%. Increasing internet penetration, low existing coverage and rising demand are expected to develop this market strongly in the near future. This sector has attracted large investments and is slated to lead to strong growth opportunities for the education sector. The report begins with an introduction to the education market in India and its various sub-segments. Indian education system large

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E-Governance Market in India 2011
  • 03/28/2011
  • Pages : 40

E-governance is at its nascent stage in India with strong potential for growth in the future. The Information Technology (IT) industry is expected to be the major industry that stands to benefit. Government spending on IT is rapidly increasing which opens newer opportunities for the players in the IT space. It also provides growth prospects to various industries which are likely to benefit from the e-governance plan. The ongoing projects and the ones in the implementation stage are also set to o

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Education Market in China 2011
  • 01/28/2011
  • Pages : 43

Education market in China is pegged at USD 240 bn in 2009 and is estimated to grow at 15%. Awareness about education in China along with huge support from the government in the form of investments will help in developing the market. The market has seen investments from private as well as from multinational companies in the recent past and is expected to attract further investments. The report begins with a brief of the overall education and private education market in China and provides the ma

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